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Below are links to blogs, podcasts and similar social media sources, covering issues of interest to people in the voluntary sector. And a selection of charity or campaign blogs working to raise awareness or cash, communicate with the public, volunteers or members.

Also: news/tips on tech and social action, examples of Open Source CMS being used by British charities, and some blogs from further afield under BlogWorld.

See VoluntaryNews for sources of news by or for the non-profit sector, and our own news stream too. Plus the main VolResource site for more on issues such as sector support bodies, why taxonomy matters.

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On Charity Work

This CharityBlog also rounds up relevant social media for those involved in voluntary organisations.

Charity Commentary

Issue Blogs

Charity Blogging

Campaign Blogs


Podcast, audio

and possibly video – #volsec stories, news, comment.

Tech and Social Action


  • environmental news and feature videos in various formats.
  • The Hub Now an archive of human rights related media to 2010.

Open Source CMS Examples

CMS – content management system. Many more using this sort of website software now.

Links: CiviCRM, Drupal, WordPress

Sector wikis